How To Advertise Your Channel With Stickers

Fans love to put stickers on their laptops, instrument cases, or school binders. You can use stickers to your advantage to advertise your YouTube channel. It doesn’t take a whole lot of work to create an effective sticker. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Get a splashy design.

Design is important for all aspects of your YouTube promotion, and especially so for your stickers, which need to stand out and pop against any background.

Colors are obviously crucial in helping your sticker stand out. A bold, bright background will catch people’s eyes anywhere, and an effective font will reinforce your channel name in their minds.

You can design a sticker in any form, but circles and ovals are particularly popular shapes because they pop well against the more rectangular and rigid surfaces to which they are applied.

Check out the Nickelodeon logo. The oval design works well as a sticker, and the bold, bright background is paired with an interesting font to catch your attention.

2. Describe your channel in a few words.

You don’t want to clutter up your sticker with a bunch of text, but you do want to let people know what your channel is all about.

Try to sum up your channel in three to five words with an emphasis on the value that you can provide. Keep it brief and interesting; people don’t need to know every detail. You want them to be interested but also feel like they need to visit your channel to find out the whole story.

3. Make a QR code.

QR codes, which allow people to open a link by scanning with a smartphone’s camera, are a great way to get people to quickly turn their interest in your sticker into action.

If you’ve caught someone’s attention with the design of the sticker and the name of your channel, a QR code will allow them to find your channel easily. Without one, you’d be relying on them to remember that they saw a cool sticker and search you later.

This video will help you easily create a QR code for yourself.

Once you’ve created your stickers, try to put them in highly-trafficked places (but make sure you’re allowed to put them there) so that as many people as possible have a chance to see them. Put them in your online store or use them in a giveaway to get your fans excited.

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Matt Cummings grew up in the Bay Area and now attends UCLA. He enjoys sports, music and comedy.

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