How to Promote Your Videos With Collaborations

When it comes to promoting YouTube videos, two heads are better than one. Combine the power of your network with a friend’s by using collaborations to promote your videos.

1. Make an awesome collab with your friends.

A collaboration video is the most entertaining and the most powerful when you involve as many people as possible. Even if the main video is only posted to one channel, every other content creator involved can post related vlogs and behind-the-scenes videos to promote the huge collab.

When Niki and Gabi made their “Celebrity Talent Show” video, they involved eleven content creators in total. With more than four million views, this video was certainly great promotion for everyone who starred in it.

2. Give shout-outs to your fellow content creators.

If you live too far from other content creators or simply don’t have the time for a huge collaboration project, then doing shout-out collaborations is a great way to promote your videos. In this kind of collaboration, you shout-out a few video-makers, who in turn will shout-out your channel in theirs. This way, everyone is promoting each other’s videos.

GlamourLifeFox did this shout-out collaboration with Jessie Paege and several other rising YouTube stars.

3. Make guest appearances on other channels.

Unlike a typical collaboration, when you make a guest appearance, you join with another content creator for one of his or her usual videos. It’s like when a famous actor guest stars on an episode of a popular TV show to promote his upcoming movie release.

In this video, Guy Tang joined Bunny Meyer for her popular video series “Does This Thing Really Work?”.

Collaborations are one of the best ways to promote your YouTube videos. By making awesome collabs, giving shout-outs, and making guest appearances, you’ll promote your videos to lots of new audiences.

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