How To Plan Your Own Tour

Touring across the country or even the world is one of the best parts of being a professional musician. If you’ve got a substantial following built up, then you can start to plan your own tour without needing a label or even a manager.

Here’s how to plan your own tour.

1. Determine where you want to play.

Look at you YouTube video analytics and any online fan clubs that have been created in order to determine where your listening audience is located. Though playing Las Vegas may be your dream, if you have a lot of listeners in Columbus, then you should pack your bags for Ohio.

You can also determine where your fans want you to play by creating online polls. Twitter makes it easy to create and share polls quickly.

2. Do some internet research to determine potential venues.

Once you’ve got a list of cities you want to hit, it’s time to start looking for venues. Your analytics will come in handy again. If most of the people watching your music videos on YouTube are in high school, you don’t want to play in any bars. However, if most of your viewers are twenty-somethings in big cities, then nightclubs may be your best bet.

You can likely find a venue’s contact information on its website. You can shoot them an email or schedule a phone call with the owner or booking agent.

3. Organize and promote on a strict schedule.

Since you’re the one in charge of this tour, you’re going to want to stay super organized. You should create a schedule for planning and promoting your tour as early as possible. You may want to consider purchasing a planner or binder to dedicate specifically to the tour schedule.

In order to get more people out to your shows, start promoting the tour on social media early.

Planning your own tour is a lot of work, but it will all be worth it when you get to see your fans singing along with you.

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