How To Make Money As A Musician Before You Land A Record Deal

Landing a record deal is the end goal for most aspiring musicians. However, in the meantime, making money off of your music is an important and attainable goal.

Here are a few ways that you can make money as a musician before signing to a label.

1. Gather support from your community through crowdfunding.

If you’ve got a strong support system at home, then crowdfunding is a feasible way for you to fund your next big project. Use a site like gofundme or Kickstarter to raise money online. You can create videos to share your progress with supporters and offer different rewards for different giving levels.

2. Concentrate on streaming revenue.

Getting your original music on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music is easier than you may think. These sites make it simple for up-and-coming artists to get their music heard by fans across the world. Best of all, you earn revenue each time your song gets played.

3. Work as a session musician or songwriter.

If you get your foot in the door at a record label, you’ll be one step closer to that record deal of your dreams. Look for work as a session musician, recording guitar, piano, or whatever else you may play for other singers in a recording studio. You can also lend your talents as a songwriter or producer. That’s how many stars, from Kanye to Meghan Trainor, got their starts.

As an aspiring artist, you’re always working towards getting a record deal. However, as a musician, you can make money in a myriad of ways. Start with the above ideas to get your music career off the ground.

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