How To Get Featured On iTunes

The featured albums on iTunes are chosen based on an editorial decision. This means that no one can pay for placement, and all new releases have an equal shot at being featured on the homepage.

Here’s how you can get your next album featured on iTunes.

1. Encourage pre-orders to garner attention.

Encourage your listeners to pre-order your album on iTunes. A larger number of pre-orders will surely catch attention at iTunes HQ. Even better, these sales will boost your placement on the iTunes charts when your album is released.

2. Promote your album over a single.

Though a successful single can increase your album’s chances of getting featured, you should focus more of your promotional efforts on the album itself rather than on the lead single. You want potential new listeners to check out the entire album, not just download the most popular song off of it.

3. Build your social media following to gain media attention.

It’s no secret that social media influencers have a significantly easier time releasing music successfully than unknown artists do. In order to get the attention of both iTunes and other media, concentrate on growing your online following. The more fans you gain, the bigger the market is for your music.

Getting your album featured on iTunes will be much easier if you build a strong following before releasing new music. Follow these tips to bring more attention to your next major music release.

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