How To Build A YouTube Workflow In 4 Steps

Consistency is an essential ingredient for not only growing a channel, but also retaining hard-earned subscribers. Uploading weekly or even monthly can feel impossible without a well-defined workflow, as aspiring creators find themselves starting from scratch whenever they want to upload and disseminate new content.

Here are 4 ways to simplify the process of developing a workflow.

1. Start an ongoing list of potential video ideas.

Think of every possible video you want to create: challenges, stories, tutorials, games, channel-specific content. Add to this list the very moment an idea comes to mind. Find your favorite method of capturing video concepts. It could be a physical notebook and pen, or a special app.

Evernote allows you to organize  notes into different notebooks that can also be synced with its computer component. Some people prefer old-school pen and paper, but keeping video ideas on the phone guarantees it will always be there when inspiration strikes. This video details recent popular productivity technology:

2. Set an easy-to-follow upload schedule.

It’s fantastic to be ambitious about your channel, but don’t fly too close to the sun and plan to upload a video every day. Choose days that not only fit into your personal schedule, but also build a positive association with the audience. Choosing a weekend upload date can relate video releases with freedom from school, or the end of the workweek.

A weekday upload schedule can build excitement to come home to a new video. Think critically about your own time commitments and set a lenient posting plan. Try to include it in the channel header!

3. Film videos in advance.

Whenever you find a free weekend or a few random hours to film, make content ahead of time. Build a whole archive of emergency videos you can release in case a planned shoot falls through, and you won’t be stuck having to apologize for missing your usual date. Certain videos are timeless and can be saved for months to avoid ever having to skip a week.

4. Find a partner to share the workload.

Producing YouTube content can be a huge undertaking, and if it isn’t a creator’s full-time career it can be challenging to divide time between work, school, and video creation. Working with one or multiple partners can ease the time burden, and will cause all to grow mutually as creators.

Understand where everyone’s talents lie—maybe you excel in writing and camerawork, while your partner can edit like a machine. Without the budget for a professional production team, dividing labor can help you meet the upload schedule.


The wealth of free online technology has made it easier than ever to organize ideas, set schedules, and promote content. Fine-tuning a system of personal effort and productivity tech will help take the hassle out of meeting a consistent upload schedule.

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Micaela Shulman is a film student at USC. She loves nothing more than cheap stand-up shows, Carly Rae Jepsen, and vegan comfort food.


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