3 Ways to Speed Up Viewership Growth

After putting in the time and energy to set up a channel and upload videos, it can be very frustrating to watch posts receive the same amount of views. After observing a decline in traffic or subscribers, it’s important for creators to troubleshoot and fix bad promotion habits to avoid wasting time and valuable video ideas.

These 3 tips will help improve your future videos.

1. Create a custom thumbnail.

A custom thumbnail is the easiest way to prove that a video has been skillfully made. If the thumbnail was chosen automatically from a moment within the video, this expresses to the audience that the video is quickly uploaded and amateurish.

Regardless of Youtube experience, anyone can expend a little extra effort to create a great thumbnail. For example, if the video is a recipe tutorial, a Youtube browser would be more compelled to click on an image of the food in question rather than the smiling chef or an image of a kitchen. The video below is a quick crash-course in custom thumbnail creation:

2. Don’t forget to include links in social media posts.

Advertising new content across different online platforms is useless if these posts do not contain easy links. Casual Internet users will not take the time to search for a channel name or specific video after encountering a tweet with the promise of a new video. Engagement requires immediate access, even if the subject matter mildly piques their interest.

3. Make sure titles are not just specific, but optimized.

Becoming an expert in SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a skill requiring time and devotion to master. Still. it isn’t complicated to begin using simple keyword tools to build a video title.  It can feel tempting to make a lengthy, ultra-specific title that expresses exactly what the video entails.

Using an SEO tool to salvage the most-searched theme in your video will help construct a title that is both niche and broadens the appeal. This video suggests different keyword tools for building a title:

It’s a tragedy when a well-made video misses its target audience because of simple marketing errors. Creators can re-energize a falling viewership when they optimize the way their videos first appear on the Youtube website and mobile platform.

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Micaela Shulman is a film student at USC. She loves nothing more than cheap stand-up shows, Carly Rae Jepsen, and vegan comfort food.