How To Organize And Plan A Great Collab Video

Collaboration videos are one of the most popular kinds of content on YouTube. Viewers love to watch their favorite creators come together for two (or even more) times the content.

Here’s how to organize and plan a great collab.

1. Reach out to creators whose channels are similar to yours.

First, you’ll need to find a collaboration partner. Start by generating a list of potential collab video ideas. Then, find channels to pitch your ideas to.

Reach out to creators whose channels match yours in size, style, niche, etc. If your audiences have something in common, then they’ll be more likely to subscribe to both channels after the collab.

Since both Natalies Outlet and Safiya Nygaard have lifestyle channels with a few million followers, their collab video took off really well.

2. Schedule everything well in advance.

When you’re working with someone else, it’s extremely important to create a schedule that works for both of you. Establish your filming dates as soon as possible, and do your best not to let any other plans conflict with them.

If a collab keeps getting pushed back, everyone involved can get frustrated. The results can be an awkward video, such as the one below.

3. Come prepared.

Show up to your scheduled filming time with everything ready. Have all of your materials, props, etc. on hand. Set up as soon as you get there so that you can get started filming on time.

British vlogger Phil Lester spends the days before a collab video getting together everything he needs. Because he’s so prepared, his collab videos always turn out great.

4. Film something for both channels.

When you collaborate with someone else, you should always film at least two videos. That way, both creators get something to upload to their channels.

When Phil Lester and Hazel Hayes filmed the previous video, they also filmed this video for her channel.

Collab videos get a lot of views, but they also require a lot of preparation. Follow these steps to plan a great collab.

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