How To Create An Interactive YouTube Video

When you were a kid, did you enjoy reading “choose your own adventure” books? The interactive nature of these stories allowed children of all ages to experience each book differently based on the choices they made on behalf of the character. The popularity of interactive entertainment has carried over into video games, but it has yet to really take off in videos.

However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. With enough planning and dedication, you can make a video that takes each viewer on a unique journey. Here’s how to create an interactive video.

1. Come up with a strong storytelling concept.

The most important part of your interactive video is the journey it will take your viewers on. A strong concept will be the foundation of your video. Choose something that has wide audience appeal and doesn’t require too much backstory.

Vlogger Evan Edinger recently uploaded an interactive video called “YouTube Valentine 2018.” He created a dating simulator that introduced viewers to new YouTubers.

2. Outline the order of the videos.

Next, you need to decide how many parts your interactive video will be divided into. Rather than just one video, your interactive video will be comprised of several videos linked together through annotations. Outline the order of your videos with a flowchart.

Evan Edinger directed each video to two or three more. For example, clicking the first option from the original video will lead viewers to this choice.

3. Enlist a team of collaborators.

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Creating an interactive video is a huge endeavor, so enlisting the help of other vloggers will make it both easier and more enjoyable. Your collaborators can play other characters, host different parts of the video, and interact with your viewers in different ways.

Evan enlisted the help of twenty-five creators for his Valentines Day video. Each one made a video for a different result of the dating simulator.

4. Set a strict deadline for completion.

Once you turn your interactive video into a collaboration project, deadlines become all the more important. Because everyone likely won’t be working in the same space, it’s your job to keep them on track. Set strict deadlines for everyone involved to follow.

Because one of his collaborators missed the deadline, Evan had to make a video apologizing to his viewers for getting stood up.

5. Link everything together with annotations.

Your video becomes interactive when viewers click on annotations that lead them to the next part. Link your videos together with annotations in the end screen, following the flowchart you created previously.

Follow this tutorial for creating annotations in your end screen.

Interactive videos are fun for viewers and collaborators alike. Follow these steps to create an interactive video of your own.

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