How To Optimize Your Next Video For Ultimate Traffic

Videos get trending on YouTube when they bring in a lot of traffic all at once. The more viewers your video gets in a shorter amount of time, the more likely it is to appear to other potential viewers as a suggested video.

Here’s how you can optimize your next video for ultimate traffic.

1. Define the subject of your video clearly in its metadata.

Metadeta is basically all of the information you can enter about a video when you upload it. This includes the title, description, tags, and even the file name.

Start by choosing a few broad keywords to describe your content. Then, add a few more specific keywords pertaining more narrowly to the video. Use these keywords as tags and in the description box. You should also put at least two or three keywords in your video’s title and in the name of the file you upload.

This video will teach you more about optimizing your video’s metadata.

2. Create a descriptive and specific playlist that features your new video.

You’ve probably heard that you should organize your videos into playlists about a thousand times, but have you ever thought about exactly the kinds of playlists you’re creating? The more playlists you can create, the more likely viewers are to stick around your channel.

To optimize one specific video, create a new playlist that narrowly relates to the content of that video. For example, if your new video is “Gummy Food vs. Real Food,” then your new playlist could be called “Fun Food Challenges” rather than just “Challenges.” Be sure to link the playlist in the description and mention it in your video.

Popular vlogger Collins Key separated all of his gummy food challenges from his other challenge videos with this great playlist.

3. Keep your channel branding consistent.

Viewers should be able to depend on you to produce the kind of content they love frequently and on time. Imagine if your favorite crime show randomly turned into a musical for one episode. Wouldn’t you be disappointed?

The creators who get their videos trending most often tend to create the same kinds of videos over and over. If their comedy videos are popular, then they continue to create comedy videos. If it’s beauty videos, then that’s what they keep uploading. Consistency with your content is important to keep your viewers coming back for each and every new video.

Anthony Padilla releases a new comedy video every Friday. He stays on-brand with both the style of his humor and his upload schedule. That’s why he consistently gets hundreds of thousands of views.

In order to bring ultimate traffic to your next video, optimize its metadata. Create a new playlist specifically for that video and stay consistent with your content to drive more viewers to your channel.

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