3 Different Ways To Schedule Your YouTube Uploads

When it comes to creating a strong and successful YouTube channel, your upload schedule is everything. Posting new videos frequently and consistently is the key to building up a wide audience of viewers. However, there’s more than one way to go about it.

Here are three different ways that you can schedule your YouTube uploads.

1. Handle it like a job schedule.

Most typical 9-5 jobs follow very strict schedules. These employees wake up, get to work, take breaks, and leave at certain times. Even though content creation isn’t like an average day job, you can still set your work schedule as if it was.

Start by determining how often you’d like to publish new videos. Then, determine how long it takes you to film an average video. Let’s say you wanted to upload weekly. Maybe it takes you one day to plan, one day to film, and two days to edit. You could choose to upload on Saturday, so you wake up early on Monday and plan everything you need for your video. You write scripts and collect props. On Tuesday, you sit down and film it. You spend Wednesday and Thursday editing, giving yourself Friday to tie up any loose ends. Then, on Saturday, all you have to do is upload your video at its scheduled time.

Setting such a strict schedule will really help you boost your productivity and build up a consistent viewing audience. This video will teach you more about establishing a schedule for yourself.

2. Set hard deadlines.

Many online creators pursue vlogging as a career because they aren’t interested in following the strict schedule of a typical 9-5 job. There are other jobs, such as author or journalist, that focus more on deadlines than on set schedules.

Working off of deadlines requires a lot of planning ahead. You need to know what projects you want to have completed in the coming weeks or months and when you want to have them finished by. Start by making a list of the videos you want to make in the next week, month, three months, and six months. Then, determine how long each video should take to produce. Establish deadlines based on those time frames and write them onto a calendar.

In order to set and meet your own deadlines, you’ll need to practice a lot of self-discipline. This video will help you learn to motivate yourself.

3. Schedule your video publish time in advance.

If you already have a lot of videos ready to go or plan to film several at once, then this is the upload schedule for you. YouTube makes it easy to set certain videos to publish at designated times.

Dedicate one or more days to filming everything you’ll need for your next several videos. Once you’ve got them edited, go ahead and upload them as private videos. From there, you can set the date and time that you want each video to be published publically.

This video will explain the process in more detail.

One of the great things about working as a content creator is that you get to set your own schedule. Try one of these three methods to create an upload schedule that works for you.

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