How To Market Your YouTube Channel With An eBook

It’s rare to find a vlogger who is simply just a vlogger. YouTubers are so much more than that. They are filmmakers, makeup artists, clothing designers, chefs, actors, musicians, and podcast hosts. Another job title many YouTubers can add to their resumes is author.

You don’t have to be John Green to publish a book successfully. Thanks to online eBook stores, anyone can write and publish a book of their very own. An eBook can be a unique and fun way to market your YouTube channel, too.

Here’s how to market your channel with an eBook.

1. Write about something your YouTube audience is interested in.

The eBook that you write should be similar to the video content that you create in some way. For example, if you’re a beauty guru, you could write a book of step-by-step tutorials for your favorite makeup looks. If you’re a musician, you could write a book of advice on getting your foot in the music industry door.

Rosanna Pansino made a name for herself on YouTube through nerdy-themed baking videos. So, she published a cookbook with the same title as her popular video series.

2. Target your viewer demographic.

Your first readers will be your viewers. Therefore, you should write a book that’s on their reading level. For example, you wouldn’t write for a mostly college-aged audience the same way you would write for a mostly elementary-aged viewership.

Vlogger Joey Graceffa has an audience largely comprised of school-aged children. His Children of Eden books became bestselling young adult novels.

3. Get someone else to help proofread and edit.

As soon as you’re finished writing, you need to get your book in front of another pair of eyes. Get your friend who majored in English or your grandmother who’s always correcting your grammar to look over the document for errors.

These people will be your beta readers. Because they’re the first readers you’ll ever have, you should take their insights and reactions into consideration when you rewrite and edit.

4. Find the online publisher that fits your work best.

There are several major platforms that allow anyone to publish an eBook directly. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Program, for example, is quick and easy. However, if you want to reach non-Kindle readers, then you can research other publishers online.

Look up reviews and tutorials before you dive right in.

Publishing an eBook will give your content marketing strategy a unique edge. You’ll be able to reach potential new viewers and make extra money all at once.

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