How To Enhance Your YouTube Videos With Graphics

YouTube is a very visual medium. The more each video can draw a viewer’s attention, the longer it will hold that viewer’s attention. Graphics are a great way to catch your viewers’ eyes.

Here are a few ways that you can enhance your YouTube videos with graphics.

1. Canva is a popular choice for many vloggers.

On Canva, you can create great channel art online. Design a channel banner in less than ten minutes or whip up the perfect custom thumbnail. You can also create Pinterest images and business cards to help promote your channel.

Tutorials like the one below will help you start designing your own channel art in minutes.

2. PicMonkey makes graphic design easy.

It doesn’t get much easier than PicMonkey. You can create video stills and images. With PicMonkey, you can also edit the channel art you’ve made in Canva.

PicMonkey allows you to create and edit an image in the same place.

3. 99Designs connects you with professional designers for bigger projects.

Maybe your idea for a graphic is bigger than your skill set can handle. Perhaps you want a new channel logo or cool designs for new merch. If you want a professional designer, 99Designs can help you find the perfect one.

On 99Designs, you post your project, and then designers apply for the job. Then, you can select which one you’d like to hire.

Graphics will enhance your videos and keep your viewers engaged. Try your hand at making your own with Canva and PicMonkey, or use 99Designs to find a designer to help you out.

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