How To Make YouTube Your Full-Time Job

As an up-and-coming content creator, you may have been told not to quit your day job. However, a better piece of advice would be this: don’t quit your daydream. YouTube is a platform on which anyone can succeed. There are thousands of channels now that have more than a million subscribers, whereas a few years ago there was only a handful. Plenty of people from all over the world are living the dream of making a living through YouTube.

Here’s how you can make YouTube your full-time job.

1. Upload videos often and on schedule.

Most of your YouTube income will come through ad revenue. For every commercial that viewers watch before your videos, you’ll be compensated. So, the more videos you post, the more ad revenue you’ll earn.

You’ll have more consistent viewership, and therefore more ad revenue, if you upload your videos on a strict schedule. For the best results, you should upload between two and fives times a week.

Videos such as this one can help you set a schedule for your own video production.

2. Create sponsored content.

Many successful vloggers also make a good amount of money through brand deals. By working with companies to create sponsored content, these creators get to both take home a paycheck and present their viewers with a cool new product or service.

Lots of brand deals come from app developers and beauty companies. By focusing your channel in a certain niche, you’ll attract more companies whose goals align with your style of content.

Here’s a video to help you get started.

3. Supplement your content creation through Patreon.

Patreon is a great crowdfunding source for content creators. Your supporters can give monthly in exchange for rewards that you set. You can establish different tiers for different levels of giving.

Many vloggers reward their Patreon supporters with exclusive live streams, special messages, and video production credits. They also involve these special supporters in video-making decisions.

YouTube is a viable career option for any aspiring content creator. With these tips, you can move towards making YouTube your full-time job.

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