How To Foster Audience Loyalty On YouTube

Pewdiepie has his bros. Dan and Phil have their Phandom. Jake Paul has his infamous Jake Paulers. On social media, the most successful vloggers have become synonymous with their powerful fanbases. What makes these content creators so successful is the strong communities that have been built around their channels. Because the viewers feel like part of something important, they support their favorite vloggers through everything.

Here’s how you can foster audience loyalty in order to create a strong community around your YouTube channel.

1. Create a strong and relatable brand.

Your personal branding is how others perceive you online. You can be witty and sarcastic, strong and smart, or kind and friendly. Your social media branding should project the best parts of yourself.

Basically, the branding you establish is the side of you that your viewers will get to know. If you present yourself as genuine, then your audience will love you even more. By putting yourself on their level, you’ll make your content feel more accessible and relatable. Viewers want a friend, not a television character.

Lilly Singh branded herself as a strong and powerful female figure. She celebrates diversity and empowerment, which fits perfectly under her online monicker “Superwoman.”

2. Stand up for issues that are important to you.

You can rally your viewers together by giving them something to rally behind. Take whatever issues are most important to you- whether it be equal rights, mental health awareness, or animal welfare- and make it a part of your channel’s mission.

You can create videos to raise awareness and promote education for the issues that are near and dear to you. Viewers who hold the same strong convictions will find solidarity in your content. Plus, you’ll be making a positive impact on the world.

Daniel Howell has been successfully making videos for years, so, recently, he decided to use his platform to bring attention to mental health awareness. Besides making a video about his depression, he also became an ambassador for the charity Young Minds UK.

3. Project a sense of belonging and inclusion with your social media followers.

Audience loyalty is all about community. People are loyal to the brands and franchises that they love, and your viewers will feel the same way about your content once it becomes an important part of their lives.

In order to make your channel important to your viewers, you need to make sure that they know they’re important to you and to each other. You can involve their responses in videos, interact with them frequently on social media, and encourage them to share their thoughts on your content in the comments.

Jack Douglass has a strong community of subscribers because he involves view responses in every episode of his popular “YIAY” series.

4. Sell exclusive merchandise that viewers can use to identify themselves as fans.

Powerful fandoms have been likened to armies, and every army needs a uniform. Give your fans a badge of honor by creating exclusive merch so that they can rep their favorite YouTube channel in real life.

You can easily create an online store through sites like Shopify or Squarespace. You can sell t-shirts, hats, pins, backpacks- anything your particular audience would enjoy. If you’d prefer to sell special handmade merch or if you just have a smaller audience, Etsy may be another good place to list your wares.

Merch makes subscribers feel like a part of your team. Logan Paul constantly advertises his original Maverick merch, which his audience just can’t get enough of.

Audience loyalty will result in consistent viewership and great merch sales. More importantly, audience loyalty creates a strong bond between you and your subscribers.

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