How To Make Videos Everyone Can Relate To

An effective way to promote your YouTube videos is to make them applicable to everyone. By posting content that people can relate to, you are more likely to get views and, more importantly, shares. The goal of your video should be to get the viewer to say “Wow, everyone needs to see this!”.

These simple tips will help your videos become more relatable.

1. Don’t use cliches or stereotypes.

No matter what your video is about, when you mention cliches or stereotypes, you are displaying a negative red flag to the viewer. Keep your videos very objective and neutral.

If your video appears to be directed to one type of person, it will not gain popularity. Find a way to express your ideas in a way that everyone can benefit from.

2. Understand your audience.

Pay attention to viewers’ comments and who is subscribing to your channel. Explore what your viewers want to see and apply it to your videos. This is a great way to build relationships to ensure that your viewers continue to support you as well. By understanding your audience, you are more likely to create content that they want to see.

3. Answer questions before they’re asked.

Before filming a video, think about what questions your viewers may ask. Address these questions throughout the video. For example, you might say, “You may wonder how I learned how to make a pretzel knot. Well, it’s quite easy, and I made a simple tutorial. The link is in the description.” Now, you’ll connect viewers with more of your content while being thoroughly descriptive.

4. Be personal.

It’s okay to get personal or emotional in videos. Viewers love to feel something when watching YouTube videos. Allow yourself to be unfiltered, especially if you are telling a story or expressing thoughts on emotional topics. This establishes a connection with viewers that makes them feel comfortable.

It is difficult to relate to everyone, but attempting to will benefit your channel’s success and pay off in the end.

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