3 Secrets for Success from Music Industry Leaders

When you’re looking for advice on making it in the music industry, you can learn a great deal from music industry leaders who have been in the game for years. These executives have worked with countless musicians and have learned a great deal about what makes musicians successful.

Check out three secrets for success from these titans of the music industry.

1. Treat your art as a business.

Musicians are incredibly expressive people, and the vast majority pursue music to follow their dreams and share their art with the world. This is a wonderful thing, but Gary Gersh, the founder and CEO of The Artists’ Organization, reminds musicians that their art is also their career and business and should be treated as such.

Musicians must be tough and professional when dealing with matters such as record deals, performance contracts, and negotiations. Of course, musicians can be artistic and expressive when they create their music, but they must be businesslike and realistic when they share their music.

Check out this video of the popular musical artist Akon, in which he talks about the business of music!

2. Treat your crew well.

When you become a successful musician, you will have managers, agents, producers, and many other people working to support you. Paul Natkin, a tour manager who has worked with the bands such as the Rolling Stones, reminds musicians to always treat these supporting professionals well.

Don’t just politely thank them from time to time, but make an effort to get to know them, and remember that you owe much of your success to them. If you’re not at the level of having professional support yet, still take heed of this advice and apply it to your family, friends, and anyone helping you get your name out there. A musician that treats his or her colleagues well will do the same for his or her fans, and this will lead to more musical success.

Just one example of an artist who treats her crew well is Taylor Swift, which she demonstrated when she took her entire 125-person crew on a vacation to Australia after the 1989 World Tour!

3. If you’re in a musical group, don’t be a diva.

Igor Golubchik, an international tour promoter, tells musicians that when band members get along, there is harmony in the entire band support organization. If you are part of a musical group , and even if you aren’t, you should always remember to stay humble and easygoing.

Make sure to consider the needs of your fellow group members and never try to rise up past them. When group members don’t get along, the negativity affects the band’s entire network, which includes the band’s agents, managers, staff, and fans. Long story short, don’t be a diva!

Check out this video of the members of the girl group Fifth Harmony hanging out! You can tell that they’re all great friends and that they get along well.

Music industry leaders have a lot of great advice about the music business. You should definitely listen to them because they truly know what it takes to be successful. If you treat your art like a business, treat your crew well, and avoid being a diva, you’ll be much closer to musical success.

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