3 Ways To Create Shot Variation For Better Videos

It’s easy to fall into the routine of filming each video in one shot. If you mess up, you can just keep going and edit out the mistake later with a jump cut. However, with the number of popular channels constantly growing, you can make sure yours stands out by increasing your production value.

The majority of professional film projects prioritize shot variation. By having multiple takes to choose from, your final edit becomes more visually interesting.

Here are the three main ways to create shot variation.

1. Change up your shot scale.

Are you ready for your close-up? What about a wide shot or a medium shot? How about an extreme close-up?

These are all examples of different shot scales, which has to do with the distance between the camera and the subject. By capturing several different shot scales, you can shift your viewers’ attention where you want it.

For example, this Try Guys video often shifts between wide shots and close-ups. While the wide shots give viewers an overview of the kitchen the guys are baking in, the close-ups allow them to focus on what each individual Try Guy is doing. Without switching between shot scales, the video would not have been able to tell the same story.

2. Try different camera angles.

The height of your camera affects the shot as much as its distance to the subject does. You can angle it high, low, or even canted. Though most shots are eye-level, experiment with different angles in ways that make sense with the content you’re creating.

For example, in this video, Chelsea DIY showed off her painted shoes with a low angle. Then, to demonstrate how she painted them, she used an overhead shot.

3. Plan to capture a wider variety of shots.

The best way to create shot variation is to capture a wide variety of shots. Before you film, create a shot list. Think of how to tell the story of you video visually. How can you use images as well as words?

SWOOP is amazing at creating videos with a wide variety of shots. Her videos take viewers along on her journey to the final product.

Creating shot variation will improve your videos and make your content stand out from the crowd. Experiment with different shot scales, camera angles, and subjects.

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