How To Get Your Next Video Trending

The recently introduced trending page is like YouTube’s own version of the Billboard Hot 100. The newest and most popular videos climb up the chart, often bringing smaller creators into the spotlight.

Here’s how you can get your next video trending on YouTube.

1. Focus on increasing the watch time.

The latest updates to YouTube’s algorithm place a heavy emphasis on every video’s watch time. Basically, the more of your video that each viewer watches, the more likely that specific video is to get trending.

To increase your video’s watch time, keep it interesting all the way through. Stay on topic and don’t ramble. Also be sure to keep the main “hook” of your video until the very end.

2. Share your videos on social media to increase session starts.

A session start is when a viewer follows a link to your video to land on YouTube and then sticks around to keep watching more content. YouTube’s algorithm loves session starts and will reward the videos that get the most.

To encourage more users to watch your videos first, share the links on Twitter and Facebook. You can put the link of your latest video in your Instagram bio as well.

3. Encourage a huge burst in views during your video’s first three days.

Views are most important during the first three days after your video’s upload if you want it to trend. Encourage your current subscribers to watch your new video soon after it’s uploaded by incentivizing them with social media shout-outs and interaction when they share your new video online.

In order to get your next video trending, focus on increasing watch time, session starts, and views during your video’s first three days.

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