How To Make Awesome Videos Without An Expensive Camera

Oftentimes, the biggest hurdle to starting a YouTube channel is having the right equipment. You may worry that, because you can’t afford a DSLR, you won’t be able to create videos people want to watch. However, you don’t need anything more than your phone and a few accessories to make awesome videos.

Start with your cellphone camera.

All kinds of vloggers use their cellphone cameras. As a result, many of them have made tutorials about how they use their phones to create great YouTube videos.

Search YouTube for tutorials for your specific model of phone. Look into the tricks, apps, and accessories they use.

Use a tripod.

One of the main drawbacks of vlogging with a phone camera is its lack of an internal stabilizer. Handheld phone camera footage is often shakier than DSLR footage.

Stabilize your phone’s camera by using a tripod. Use it whether you’re filming a sit-down video or vlogging on the go.

Focus on audio quality.

Increase the quality of your videos by increasing the quality of your audio. Minimize background noise by filming in a quiet location away from open doors and windows. Turn off any fans or the air conditioner.

Use an external mic to record your voice and any other sounds you want for your video. Research online reviews to find the best external mic to fit your budget.

Learn about lighting.

A well-lit cellphone video will look better than a poorly-lit DSLR video. Start with the three-point lighting system that forms the basics of film lighting.

You’ll need at least one main light source. Natural lighting is good, but don’t film directly in front of a window. Instead, film to the side of it.

Check out this video to learn the basics of three-point lighting.

Frame your videos according to the rule of thirds.

Framing makes all the difference when it comes to video. If you frame your videos well, they’ll look more professional.

For framing, use the rule of thirds. Imagine the screen is divided by three horizontal lines and three vertical lines. Then, place your subject at a point of intersection.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a camera to make awesome YouTube videos. Learn the basics of filmmaking to make your cellphone video look more professional.

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