5 Helpful Tips For Vlogging In Public

Daily vloggers don’t make their lives look fun and interesting by only filming at home. They’re constantly visiting new places and trying new things, all while bringing their viewers along for the ride.

However, unless you’re used to taking your camera everywhere you go, vlogging in public may seem daunting. With enough pre-planning and the right tools in your bag, you’ll be ready to vlog anywhere you go.

1. Research ahead of time to make sure you’re allowed to film where you planned.

One of the biggest challenges that comes with vlogging in public is the risk of getting kicked out of places for filming inside. To keep yourself in your favorite store’s good graces, research their policies about filming ahead of time.

If you can’t find anything on the location’s website, then give them a call. If you let them know when you’re planning to come ahead of time, they may be able to accommodate your filming.

Though some vloggers take the threat of getting kicked out of a store as a challenge, any similar video idea should be approached with caution.

2. Use an external shotgun mic to reduce background noise.

If you’re vlogging in public, you likely aren’t using the same DSLR you use to film at home. Though your vlog or phone camera may have a built-in microphone, you should use an external mic to reduce background noise.

Shotgun mics are the best for vlogging in public because they are unidirectional, which means they only record audio from one direction. Point the mic towards yourself so that it only records your voice.

3. Pack an extra SD card and a fully charged camera battery.

When you’re filming away from home, you can’t easily pause the video to empty your SD card or charge your camera battery. So, before you leave, make sure you have an extra SD card and fully charged battery for your camera.

If you’re vlogging with your phone, pack a fully charged portable charger. Consider purchasing extra cloud storage or clearing other space for your video footage as well.

4. Plan what you’re going to say before you press record.

The most confident daily vloggers always seem to know what to say. Drop the “ums” and “uhs” by planning what you’re going to say in your head before actually saying it outloud.

Then, when you press record, you’ll only need a take or two to get it perfect.

5. Bring along a friend to make it feel more natural.

To make your vlog feel more natural, bring along a friend or three or four. Then, the viewers behind your camera will be roped into the conversation.

Filming with friends will be more fun for you as well! If you bring along other YouTubers, you can collaborate on a series of videos together.

Vlogging in public makes your videos more interesting to watch and more fun to film. With the right equipment and the right friends, you’ll be vlogging all over the place in no time.

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