How To Make an Effective How-To Video

Whether it be for makeup, DIY projects, or music tutorials, how-to videos are amongst the most watched videos on YouTube. No matter what your content consists of, making a how-to video every so often is a great way to get more viewers.

Here are some tips for making how-to videos and tutorials different from the rest.

1. Find an unconventional way of doing something.

The best way to attract viewers is to offer something that no one else has offered. Be quirky and adventurous when thinking of how-to ideas.

Trial and error are key. You must be prepared to fail a few times before you find a way to do something differently.

2. Provide more than one way.

Many people search YouTube for “how to make eggs”. There are thousands of videos on how to make scrambled eggs, how to make over-easy eggs, etc. But, the one that stands out is “14 Incredible Edible EGG Tricks”.

This attracts the viewer because they are getting more content for their time. Why watch a video to learn one trick when you can watch a different video and learn 14 tricks?

3. Use graphics and sounds.

This goes for every video, but it is especially important for videos in which you will be explaining things. Since you will be talking for most of the video, it is important to provide visual text of the steps you take. This makes it easier for the viewer to understand.

Insert calm background music throughout the video, adjusting the volume lower when you explain steps. It is important that the viewer does not get bored so keep the video as short as possible. Time-lapsing footage may be necessary for long projects.

Below is a how-to video that does not have any graphics or sounds. Compare it to the last graphic-rich how-to video you watched. Which one is more interesting?

How-to videos and tutorials are extremely popular throughout the YouTube community. Therefore, it is important to make your video stand out. Apply these tips to your next how-to video to engage YouTube users and gain popularity.

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