How to Become a Successful YouTube Partner

A partner on Youtube is a person who makes money by posting videos and allowing YouTube to place advertisements on their videos. There are over a million partners on YouTube (and nearly every popular YouTuber is a partner), and all partners have the chance to get a portion of the 5 billion dollars YouTube makes every year with advertising revenue!

Here are three tips on how to become a successful partner on YouTube!

1. Monetize your channel.

The first step to finding financial success on YouTube is to monetize your channel, which allows YouTube to put advertisements on your videos. This is also what officially makes you a “partner” on YouTube.

To do this, go to your YouTube account and click on the “Channel” heading in your settings. Next, click on the button that says “Enable Monetization”. (Make sure that your account is in good standing before doing this, though.) Finally, for each video that you have posted, click “Edit” in the video manager, and you will see the option for monetizing the video with ads.

Here is a more detailed explanation for monetizing your videos.

2. Look for corporate sponsorship.

Once you have become a partner on YouTube, there are many ways to take your partnership to the next level and make more money with your videos! One of these ways is by looking for corporate sponsors who will pay you for posting videos. Many popular YouTubers have corporate sponsors, and you can find these corporate sponsors by reaching out to them and making videos promoting their brand.

For example, The YouTuber known as W2S got a corporate sponsorship (and a free phone!) from Samsung, and he demonstrated the durability and quality of the phone’s camera by using it to film at a trampoline park. He posted his experience in the video below. Not only did he have a great time and a great new video for his subscribers, but he also simultaneously promoted Samsung and got paid for it!

3. Join a multi-channel network.

Joining a multi-channel network on YouTube is incredibly helpful to becoming a successful partner on YouTube. Most networks have a fixed “salary” for each of their channels, and this gives you more security (and more assurance that you’ll be paid for your videos). Also, being part of a multi-channel network means that you can easily collaborate with other YouTubers, increasing your channel’s popularity.

Check out this video promoting AwesomenessTV, a famous multi-channel network that features many YouTube stars. Try to get recognized by these networks by posting videos with similar content!

Overall, there are many ways to be a successful partner with YouTube, and by becoming a partner, you can gain popularity AND make money with your videos! By monetizing your account, seeking corporate sponsorship, and joining multi-channel networks, you can find success as a partner on YouTube.

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