How To Make A Video Podcast

Podcasts are booming in popularity, and many creators are jumping on the bandwagon with podcasts of their own. You can create a podcast and grow your YouTube presence simultaneously with a video podcast.

Here’s how to make a video podcast.

Start a secondary channel for your video podcast.

In order to keep it separate from your main channel content, your podcast should have a channel of its own. If you already have a second channel, then you could upload video podcast episodes in a new playlist there.

Give the channel the same display name as your podcast. It should be similar to your main channel’s name but distinct enough to separate the two. If you want a more original idea, simply add “with (your name)” to the title.

Use an external mic and headphones to make sure you capture high-quality audio.

The most important aspect of a podcast is the audio. While viewers will enjoy the video, they’re likely doing something else while it’s playing. So, the audio quality should be your top priority.

Do not rely on your camera’s microphone for a video podcast. Invest in an external microphone, preferably one for each host or guest. You might even wear headphones so you can ensure the audio is good as you’re recording it.

Film yourself while you record the podcast.

Set your camera to film at the same time you’re recording your podcast. At the very least, you should have a wide angle that captures everyone who’s speaking on the podcast. You might also have a close-up on each host or guest.

Before you start filming, ensure each camera has a fully charged battery and an empty SD card. If it stops recording at any time, then you’ll have a lot of trouble salvaging the footage. Video podcasts are meant to be done in one take.

Edit the video to match with the audio version of the podcast.

Finally, when you edit your video podcast, ensure that it matches up with the audio version. Ideally, you should start with the audio version, then edit the video to the audio file.

The video will be long, so simpler edits will benefit you. Watch other video podcasts to get an idea of the cuts and pacing they use. The TryPod’s simple cuts to whoever is speaking are a good example.

Making a video podcast can help you grow your online audience while improving your audio-recording skills. Follow these steps to get started.

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