How to Make a Great Product Review

Product reviews are showing up more and more frequently on YouTube, but it’s easy to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones. To ensure that you create good content for your product reviews, take into account the following.

1. Be honest, and don’t sound like an advertiser.

People watch unboxing videos and product reviews because they want to see an honest portrayal. It’s important that you don’t sound like you’re vigorously advertising the product if you really like it (viewers will likely assume it’s a paid sponsorship and will click out of the video). Simply talk honestly, whether you like it or don’t like it. Point out good features, but also don’t be afraid to point out bad aspects, either.

Although this is not your average product review (this vlogger reviews a type of makeup product, rather than a specific item, and she films only the products and the application), it is a great example of how to be honest with your reviews. She is not afraid of openly expressing which products she doesn’t like at all and advises against, and she also offers much insight into what skin types work better for these products.

2. Show the entire process, from unboxing to use to result.

A good product review gives a thorough look at the entire process. Rather than simply showing the unboxing portion and a snippet of the actual use, pay equal attention to everything from the unboxing, to the use, to the end result.

For example, if you’re reviewing a skincare product, you should film the packaging before you open it, the product inside after you open it, you using it, and the final look. In addition, don’t forget to follow up on it after a few days, especially if it’s skincare. Many people miss this step and don’t bother showing what the result is a few days after use.

Edward Avila does a great job of including all these steps. As he reviews a brow tint below, he shows the packaging, the actual product, the application of the product, the finished look, and how it turned a weird color (orange) the next day.

3. Do more than one trial.

Often, the results may differ upon different trials. To increase your credibility for your viewers, as well as make your product review as thorough and accurate as possible, try doing more than one trial for certain products.

For example, if you’re trying out a makeup product that didn’t do very well the first day, try again the second day. Factors outside of the makeup’s ingredients may have had to do with that result, so doing more than one trial will help you and your viewers get a better sense of what the product is capable of.

In the following video, he films two trials (two days) of using the cushion. He also films updates throughout the day so you can see how the makeup is holding out every few hours. Not many YouTubers do this, and it definitely makes his review more credible and trustworthy.

Product reviews are very practical videos to upload onto YouTube, and it’s definitely growing on the platform. The above tips will guarantee high quality product reviews, and viewers will definitely stay tuned in the entire video.

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