How to Look Great on Camera

Everyone has bad hair days, but no matter what, it’s always possible to look your best on camera. Follow these tips so that you’ll always look great in your videos.

1. Have a light facing you.

The best-looking videos have to be well-lit. Rather than placing a light source behind yourself and creating shadows, you should keep the light source in front of you. Just make sure that there’s no glare in your eyes.

Check out this video for more on video lighting.

2. Make yourself the focus of the frame.

A busy background distracts viewers, whereas a clean, simple one keeps them focused on your face. Looking better in your videos is as simple as cleaning up your “studio space.” Then, sit front and center so that the camera focused on your face.

Watch this video to learn more about choosing the right background for your videos.

3. Smile.

A smile is your best accessory. No matter how you’re feeling when you film, you should always try your best to smile. Viewers will find you more likable and want to stick around because of your infectious smile. Plus, if you’re always smiling, then your subscribers will be able to find happiness in your videos, too.

Next time you need to smile, check out this video.

Looking great on camera doesn’t mean that your hair is perfect. As long as viewers are focused on your smiling face, you’ll look perfect.

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