How To Include Calls To Action In Your Videos

Calls to action are a great way to increase engagement and subscribers on your channel. It is essentially you asking your viewers to do something for you, such as subscribe or like your video. Many YouTubers forget or refuse to include calls to action in their videos because they feel it can get annoying. Here are a couple ways you can include CTAs in your videos without being too invasive.

1. Put CTAs directly into your videos.

Annotations is a popular way to get viewer attention. Although YouTube comes with basic annotations you can work with, a smart way to incorporate it is to get creative! Several pink annotations boxes popping around your face can quickly get obnoxious. YouTubers have started to realize that and have begun to incorporate some basic graphic design into their annotations.

A common example is calling your viewers to see more of your videos at the end of the one they were watching.

If you forward to the end, you can see Refinery29 has done a great job with this. They have their speaker on their side performing a call to action with two annotations on top of colorful boxes asking to watch another video and subscribe! This grabs a viewer’s attention in an inviting way because of the simple but appealing design.

2. Learn to use ad overlays.

This is primarily an option for channel owners who have GoogleAd enabled for their videos, although below is a video that shows a way to circumvent that. Currently, ad overlays are free. This is another important call to action to use for your viewers. It is essentially a small banner ad that pops up which asks your viewers for something.

These ad overlays can be edited to your liking and made in accordance to what you as a channel creator are looking to call action to! Below is a video that has a simple and quick guide to ad overlays.

3. Pay attention to your description content.

Your description is a major key when it comes to optimizing your videos and improving audience engagement. Almost all viewers scroll down to read the description, so it’s important to make sure that content isn’t too long and verbose! Keep it short and simple.

Including CTAs in your description is definitely an option to consider. Remind subscribers to ‘please subscribe!’ or link them to a video they might have missed or you think they would enjoy. The options are endless!

Calls to action can either be a simple reminder in your videos or invasive never ending pop ups. This is why it is important to market and design your CTAs in the a way that will not push any viewers away These top 3 options are an awesome way to keep CTAs simple but effective.

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