How To Improve Your Onstage Performances

Live performances are an important part of growing your music career. You never know who may be in the audience, whether you’re playing a soldout arena or your neighborhood barbecue. When it comes to giving a good performance, stage presence is everything.

Here are a few ways to improve your onstage performances.

1. Take up dance lessons so that you’re not hiding behind the microphone.

It can be easy to stand center stage and let your voice be the center of attention. However, if you’re the star of the show, then you should be giving your audience a performance worth remembering. Plenty of performers, from Michael Jackson to Shakira, are known for how they move on stage.

Not only will learning to dance make your shows more exciting, it will also give you more confidence when you perform. Dancing is a highly marketable skill for a performer. You can even start with dance tutorials on YouTube.

2. Find a backing band that you work well with.

Bruno Mars has the Hooligans. Taylor Swift has the Agency. Finding a solid backing band that you work well with can bring your live performances to a whole new level. This may require auditioning and replacing several members of your band, but once you find a group who supports you well, you’ll have more consistency in the quality of your performances.

A good backing band will also become a group that you can depend on. You can record together, tour together, and even play festivals as a group.

3. Make sure that your first and last songs are the best parts of your performance.

Your audience will forget the mistakes that you make in the middle, but you should strive for perfection in your opening and closing songs. The people watching will most likely remember the first thing they saw and the last thing they saw, so give them something to remember.

Open and close your shows with songs that will get your audience on its feet.

A good performance is all in your stage presence. Learn to dance, find a good backing band, and open and close your shows with your best songs.

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