3 Unique Ways To Promote Your Music

Music promotion attracts more listeners to your shows and helps you sell more albums. However, social media posts and making flyers only goes so far. Here are a few unique ways to promote your music.

1. Live stream a performance for fans across the world.

Demi Lovato is gearing up to release a new album, so she’s been doing all kinds of events and brand deals to bring attention to her career. Her next event is a speaking gig at the Grammy Museum, and she’s live streaming it so that her fans all across the world can tune in.

2. Partner with a charity to give back to your community.

Fall Out Boy has been making music out of Chicago for a long time, and the band is ready to give back through the new Fall Out Boy Fund. The work that they’re doing not only supports local people in need, but it also helps get the band’s name out there to potential new listeners.

3. Share your music journey with a series of vlogs.

British pop singer Rita Ora recently made a comeback with her new single “Your Song.” She’s been sharing the story of her return to the top through a series of video diaries uploaded to her music channel. Fans can follow along as Rita shares her new music with the world.

You can promote your music in all kinds of fun and unique ways. Try one of these to shake up the way you get your music heard.

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