How To Improve Your Level Of Audience Retention

In the YouTube Creator Studio, you can easily view the analytics on who’s watching your videos. However, there’s a lot of information there, and it’s up to each creator to determine which numbers are most valuable to his or her channel.

One of the best things you can use your YouTube analytics for is improving your level of audience retention. Audience retention will tell you how long your viewers are actually watching your videos. The longer they’re watching, the more they’re engaged. This graph will show you both where people stop watching your videos and where they go back to start watching again.

Here’s how you can improve your level of audience retention.

1. Determine when and why viewers stop watching your videos.

One of the important things that the audience retention graph can show you is at what time stamp viewers stopped watching your video. This is important because it has a huge effect on your overall watch time.

To apply these numbers to your future content creation, look at where most people are abandoning your video. For example, if you see a big drop within the first fifteen seconds, you should reevaluate your video introductions.

Rewatch that part and determine why viewers are getting bored. Was it too repetitive? Did you stay on one subject for too long? For a second opinion, ask a friend to watch that video and tell you what they thought of the part where most viewers left.

2. See what’s making your audience press replay.

You can also look at the parts of the video that your viewers keep going back to. If you see a big spike, that means that a lot of your viewers went back to rewatch that part of the video.

Rewatch the video to see if it’s because they liked that part or if it’s too confusing. You can also check the video’s comments section to see if any viewers mentioned that particular part of the video.

Again, showing the video to a second set of eyes can help you get a better idea of what went wrong or right. When watching the video with your friend, observe the look on his or her face when you reach that part of the video. Make a mental note whether he or she laughs, smiles, or looks confused.

3. Learn to decode your audience retention report in its entirety.

The first two tips are just the tip of the iceberg. Your audience retention report has so much more to offer your channel. The information there is valuable, but you’ve got to learn to decode it first.

Videos like this one can help you understand your audience retention report quickly and easily. Apply what you learn to several of your previous videos, and the audience retention rate on your next uploads should improve.

Audience retention is an important contributor to your overall watch time score. Work on improving it in order to see your videos rise in the YouTube search rankings.

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