How To Reel In Viewers From Mobile Platforms

It’s rare to see anyone today without a smartphone in hand. It’s no surprise, really, that half of all YouTube’s viewership comes from mobile platforms. These viewers are watching YouTube while they get ready in the mornings, on their daily commutes, and anytime in between.

Here’s how you can reel in viewers from mobile platforms.

1. Use clear, easy-to-see thumbnails.

Because phone screens are much smaller than desktop screens, thumbnails become a lot more difficult for viewers to see. In order to make sure that potential viewers can find your videos easily, you need to use clear, easy-to-see thumbnails.

Don’t overcrowd your thumbnails with too much text. Keep it neat and bright. Be expressive and colorful; go for shock value. You only have a little room to make a big impact.

This video will help you design awesome video thumbnails.

2. Write quick, eye-catching titles in all caps.

When viewers are scrolling through videos on the YouTube app, they aren’t likely to stop and read the title of every single video they see. They’re only going to stop and look at the ones that really catch their eye.

Get your viewers’ attention with titles that are loud and proud. Be short, bold, and witty. For an added boost, write your titles in all caps to really stand out.

Popular vlogger Gabbie Hanna writes bold, quick video titles in all caps, getting the attention of millions of viewers.

3. Make use of the YouTube Creator Studio app.

YouTube makes it easy to interact with your mobile viewers right from your phone. With the YouTube creator studio app, you can respond to comments and track your analytics on the go. Downloading this app will help you manage your channel wherever you are.

Here’s a quick video to teach you more about the Creator Studio app.

Hooking mobile viewers all boils down to catching their attention with titles and thumbnails that are easy to see. Follow these tips to start boosting your channel’s mobile viewership.

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