How to Host an Album Release Party on Facebook

What fan wouldn’t love to attend your next album release party? Though every fan of your music may not be able to attend an actual party, you can use social media to build up excitement in the same way. Fans want to feel included, and inviting them to an online event will help do the trick.

A Facebook event is a perfect way to build up anticipation for your release. Invite anyone who likes your page, as well as any personal friends of your band members.

Here are a few keys to the success of your release “party.”

1. Invite as many people as possible.

Invite as many people as possible, and ask your friends to quickly confirm that they are “Going.” Higher numbers of people going and invited provides quick social proof for the music and contributes to the fun feeling of a large release party.

2. Post every day.

To build up anticipation for the album, provide your fans with something new each day. Post a short video of a recording session, a snippet of a song or even a puzzle piece to the album cover – something engaging that makes people excited to see the whole project.

Whatever it is, keep it short and entertaining. Fans should feel lucky they had a chance to see a small bit of the process and be left wanting more.

3. Promote your event.

Spend a little money on Facebook to promote your event to the right people. You can select a certain age group and location, as well as sets of interests, in order to find a good set of possible fans.

This is a better way to spend marketing funds than just promoting your Facebook page because people will have an easy, fun way to learn about your music.

This video will help you understand how to promote a Facebook event.

4. Play a show with Facebook Live.

On the day of the release, consider creating something for people to enjoy in real time by streaming a performance over Facebook Live. Play a few of the top tracks from your album and thank your fans for following along.

Live video streaming is an emerging new technology. Someday, it will likely be fairly common for musicians to perform sets over this service. You can get a head start.

Here’s a great video that shows how to stream live over Facebook.

Many artists know that it’s important to interact with fans on social media but don’t know exactly how to. Creating a Facebook event for your album release is a great way to interact with your fans and generate some hype for your music.

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