How To Grow Your Channel With YouTube’s New Fashion Hub

Just in time for New York Fashion Week 2019, YouTube introduced its new fashion hub, the central place for all style and beauty content on YouTube. Much like the highly successful gaming tab, the new fashion hub organized all the content from a popular niche into one easily accessible place.

Here’s how to grow your channel with YouTube’s new fashion hub.

Use popular keywords in your video titles.

YouTube often organizes videos by searching for keywords. To find popular keywords beauty fans are searching for, look no further than YouTube’s own fashion front page.

Scroll through the videos on the fashion hub, taking note of common words and phrases found in their titles. You can also find potential keywords in the category names and descriptions.

Use the keywords you find in your own video titles. Though they may not land you a spot on the fashion hub, these keywords can put your videos in the recommended section for many viewers who start there.

Take inspiration from the top creators.

Watch a few of the videos from the fashion hub and study their formats. You may see tutorials, closet tours, modelling vlogs, and even beauty challenges. Which ones have the most views? More importantly, which ones look like they’d be the most fun to make?

Take inspiration from the top videos and creators on the fashion hub. If you use a similar video idea, such as a challenge, be sure to credit the idea to the original creator.

Commentate on red carpet fashion.

The red carpet is home to many of the biggest moments in fashion. Better yet, you don’t have to be a style expert to have an opinion on what looks good or bad. Red carpets give celebrities the spotlight, but they can also give you a great source of content.

Create videos commentating on the latest red carpet fashion. Talk about the looks you love and the ones you don’t. Try to recreate an iconic look at home or discuss what you would have worn differently. The possibilities are endless.

Share your expertise.

Many viewers turn to YouTube in order to learn about style. Makeup tutorials, videos about the latest trends, and body positivity content all make this possible. Because YouTube offers viewers the opportunity to learn from a wide range of diverse voices, practically anyone can find fashion content that suits their needs.

So, you should share your expertise. Maybe you’re great at everyday makeup for people who don’t want to wear a lot of expensive products. Perhaps you know how to make thrift store finds look brand new. Whatever it is, you should share your expertise with your audience, because there’s bound to be someone who wants to hear what you have to say.

YouTube’s new fashion hub makes style and beauty content more easily accessible than ever. Utilize popular keywords and video trends to get your channel on the front page.

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