How Jeffree Star Has Remained A Major Influencer

Jeffree Star has been a major online celebrity since the Myspace days. Now, he boasts more than fifteen million subscribers on YouTube and thirteen million followers on Instagram. He’s grown from a controversial music star to a pillar in the beauty community.

Here’s how Jeffree Star has remained a major influencer.

He allowed his career to evolve with the changing landscape of social media.

In 2006, Jeffree Star was the most followed person on Myspace. Like many internet celebrities of the time, he mostly used the site to promote his music career. He also shared pictures and updates from his daily life.

As Myspace’s popularity faded, however, Jeffree didn’t let his spotlight dim. He started uploading beauty videos to his YouTube channel in 2014. He also built huge following on Instagram and Twitter.

He leaned into his area of expertise.

Jeffree first began his career as an influencer with musical aspirations. As one of the most popular independent artists on Myspace, he boasted a top ten album, several world tours, and a promising record deal. However, when that record deal fell through, Jeffree turned to his other passion—beauty.

Well-known for his wild and iconic makeup looks, Jeffree launched his own makeup line in 2014. Soon, Jeffree Star Cosmetics became a multi-million dollar company. Jeffree continues to use his YouTube channel to promote the brand.

He owns up to his mistakes.

Like many major influencers, Jeffree has had his share of controversies and scandals. However, instead of letting his mistakes ruin his career, Jeffree has chosen to speak out and apologize for his misdeeds.

Though he has had to make several apology videos in the past, Jeffree does not skirt around the fact that he was in the wrong. In these videos, he acknowledges his mistakes and promises to do better moving forward.

He’s not afraid to try new things.

Oftentimes, influencers find the one thing they’re good at or the one niche they’re comfortable in and build their entire careers around that. While this can keep your audience stable for a while, it won’t really help you grow.

Jeffree keeps his numbers going up and his career moving forward by constantly trying new things. Most notably, the documentary he filmed with Shane Dawson helped him reach millions of new viewers.

Jeffree Star has remained a major influencer for more than ten years by constantly trying new things. His continual growth is an inspiration to influencers at all levels.

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