How To Grow Your Channel By Networking

Networking plays a major role in growing the popularity of a YouTube channel. By actively involving yourself in the YouTube community, you will certainly see a growth in your channel’s popularity.

The following three steps are specific ways to network as a YouTuber.

1. Create your own little YouTube community.

In other words, it’s time to put your networking skills to use. As an up-and-coming YouTuber, look for others like you. Reach out to fellow up-and-coming YouTubers by messaging them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and introduce yourself and your channel.

Then, build up friendships and suggest collaborating on videos together. This way, their subscribers will be introduced to your channel, and your channel will spread among users. Keep actively reaching out to other YouTubers and slowly build your own YouTube community.

YouTuber danisnotonfire started his channel alone, and not long after, another YouTuber, AmazingPhil, messaged him to collab. They soon became friends and later reached out to two other up-and-coming YouTubers, KickThePJ and crabstickz. They frequently collaborated on videos together on each of their channels, and most of their subscribers are fans of all four channels.

2. Attend YouTube conventions and events.

VidCon and Playlist Live are a few of the many YouTuber conventions where content creators interact with viewers. Many up-and-coming YouTubers attend these events as fans of their seniors. This is actually a great opportunity to further network, as you can introduce yourself to the more popular YouTubers during meetups and ask for advice.

There is also the chance that some people may recognize you. If you’re lucky enough to meet a few of your subscribers, it is likely that word will spread among others at the event, and you’ll get to pad up your channel. You’ll definitely also be more inspired to work harder.

3. Subscribe to and comment on others’ videos.

This tip is much like the first one, as it employs networking through social media. By commenting positive feedback on fellow YouTubers’ videos, you’ll put your name out there as other viewers like and reply to your comment. You can even humbly introduce your channel here to reach out to both viewers and the YouTuber.

Check out this video for a few great tips for YouTube networking!

The best way to grow your channel is by actively reaching out to other content creators like yourself. By making YouTuber friends and attending YouTuber events, you will definitely boost your channel popularity and step into the larger YouTube community.

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