3 Ways to Diversify Your Sound

While you grow as a musician, it’s important to let your music grow with you. No two recordings should sound the same. To keep your listeners excited, keep it fresh and diversify your sound!

Here are three tips for diversifying your sound.

1. Try writing music on a different instrument.

Most musicians tend to write their music on a specific instrument. If you play piano, there is a good chance you hear the music in your head with a piano-driven melody. Your brain will become accustomed to the sound of your instrument and create patterns that you’ll unconsciously follow.

By writing music on different instruments, you will force your brain out of those patterns and create something completely different. Another added plus is that it will add a variety of sound to your music, keeping it fresh for you and your fans.

2. Listen to different types of music.

Musicians and nonmusicians alike all have a personal preference in music. Whether you like country, hip-hop, or alternative rock, you will always gravitate towards the sounds you are familiar with in your music writing.

If the music you’re writing is sounding a little stale, try going out of your way to listen to something different. By incorporating a country twang, for example, into your hip-hop beat, you will discover a brand new sound for yourself.

3. Travel to experience different musical cultures.

While searching for and listening to different music can be a great source of inspiration, nothing beats traveling. Whether your holiday takes you to a different country, a different state, or even just a few hours to a different city, traveling is a great way to hear and experience the variations in musical style.

Whether it is experiencing the difference between Los Angeles punk rock and Bay Area skate rock, or the difference between Britpop and J-Pop, traveling can help diversify your sound through a cultural lens.

As a musician, you want to constantly keep your sound fresh and distinct. If you write music on a different instrument, go out of your way to listen to a variety of music, and travel to hear the different sound of the world, your sound will not only stay fresh, but it will also grow into something better.

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Anthony Mauro is a San Francisco State graduate who splits his time between the Bay Area and San Diego. He spends his free time thinking long hair is cool, playing video games for an online audience, and writing short stories, comic books, and novels.

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