How To Grow Your Audience With A Video Podcast

In the age of never-ending entertainment streaming from our phones, podcasts are the latest form of content to capture the internet’s attention. Audio-based platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts offer users thousands of shows to choose from.

However, just because podcasts are typically audio-based doesn’t mean you can’t use them to grow your following on YouTube. In fact, many prominent YouTubers upload video versions of their podcasts.

Here’s how to grow your audience with a video podcast.

Find an interesting cohost.

A podcast is a conversation. While some hosts go it alone, most podcasts have two or more cohosts. Choose someone your current audience knows and who you have good chemistry with.

For example, Jenna Marbles hosts a podcast with her boyfriend Julien Solomita. Because fans were already used to seeing him in all of her videos, they were excited to see them working together even more.

Film while you record your podcast.

The main focus of your podcast should be the audio. Record using a quality microphone. Make use of plush furniture and pillows to absorb sound. Wear headphones while you record so you can monitor the audio quality easily.

Set up your camera to film while you record your podcast. Make sure to have both yourself and your cohost or guest in the frame. If you can have multiple cameras, film close-ups on you and your cohost as well as a wide shot. Then, you can edit them together into a more visually interesting video.

Create a secondary channel for your podcast.

You can upload your video podcast to your main channel, but doing so may make the episodes harder for fans to find down the road. Instead, create a secondary channel dedicated to your podcast.

For example, the Try Guys have a secondary channel for their podcast, the Try Pod. They upload the video version of their podcast a few days after the audio version is live.

Cross-promote your main channel and your podcast.

Not only can your video podcast help you get more views from your current audience, but it can also help you reach new fans organically. Treat your podcast as its own project outside of your YouTube channel with an audience of its own.

Then, you can cross-promote your main channel and your video podcast. Talk about your main channel videos on your podcast, but don’t make your podcast all about your other content. Be sure to mention in your main channel videos that you have a podcast.

Creating a video podcast can help you grow your following organically. Film while you record so that your fans can watch or listen as they please.

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