How This Vlogger Hit Her First Million Subscribers

Vlogger Sierra Schultzzie has watched her channel grow immensely this year. She’s seen her videos reach the trending page, and she’s even been featured on BuzzFeed. Her audience is growing so quickly, in fact, that she just broke a million subscribers.

Here’s how Sierra Schultzzie hit her first million subscribers.

Her message is timely.

In the age of a social media-obsessed society, those in Sierra’s target demographic often feel pressured to look a certain way. There’s an endless stream of Instagram models-turned-vloggers inadvertently telling young women and girls that they should have certain cosmetic procedures or drink diet teas in order to get more likes online.

Sierra, however, is different. Seeing the dire need for a voice lifting young women up, she began creating content that celebrates all different body types. She’s a part of the powerful body positivity movement, which seeks to inspire young women to accept and love themselves as they already are.

Not only is Sierra’s content fun to watch, but it also has a positive impact on her audience. By seeing someone they admire embrace body positivity, her one million subscribers are learning to love themselves, too.

Her vlogs are relatable to the average viewer.

Sierra isn’t the kind of vlogger who chronicles her lavish vacations or shows off her designer clothes. Her content is extremely approachable to the average viewer, as if she was a friend from high school or a new coworker instead of a social media star.

Viewers often turn to Sierra for her brutally honest reviews. She reviews YouTuber merch, clothing from popular stores, and new trends. She talks about their fit as well as their overall quality. Her videos help viewers decide what products are really worth their money.

Her videos take inspiration from current trends in pop culture.

Sierra’s videos get high traffic consistently because they capitalize on pop culture. Her videos trend because they embrace what’s already trending. She offers a unique perspective on the latest, hottest topics in fashion and celebrity culture.

For example, when Kim Kardashian’s new shapewear line launched, the internet was divided. Some praised the line for its inclusivity and the wide variety of pieces it offered consumers. Others, however, questioned why shapewear was still a necessary product at all. Sierra uploaded a comprehensive review of SKIMS to help her viewers decide for themselves.

Sierra Shultzzie reached her first million subscribers by bringing a unique and much-needed perspective to fashion and beauty content. As her audience continues to grow, so will her positive influence on social media.

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