How To Get Your YouTube Video Trending

Imagine this: you post a new YouTube video at your regularly scheduled time. However, instead of just a few thousand views, it quickly begins to pick up a few million. You get a notification from YouTube- congratulations, your video is trending!

In the fast-paced culture of the internet, anyone and everyone has an equal chance to reach millions of viewers. Here’s how you can move one step closer to getting your own video trending.

1. Keep the video between six and eight minutes long.

YouTube’s algorithm is a very complicated mixture of watch time and view counts. However, videos that pass the six-minute mark and stay under eight minutes in length tend to perform the best. Keep your videos around this length in order to boost your total watch time.

2. Get your subscribers to turn on their notifications.

Your video is a whole lot more likely to trend if it gets a huge spike in views as soon as it’s uploaded. Encourage your fans and followers to turn on the notifications for your channel so that they can watch your video as soon as it’s live. Be sure to promote your video on social media in the days leading up to its release.

3. Keep your content narrowly focused.

Content created in niche communities is more likely to get repeat viewers who, in turn, will become subscribers. If your viewers love your comedy videos best, stick to that. If it’s your beauty videos that get the most views, put your focus there. Bu building up a community of like-minded viewers, you’ll increase the odds that more people will watch your video as soon as it’s uploaded.

Getting a video to trend is all about ensuring that it has a large audience already in place. Focus on creating niche content and building up your viewership in order to get your videos to the top of YouTube’s trending page.

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