How To Get Your Videos Suggested To More Potential Viewers

Many viewers find new videos to watch through YouTube’s suggested videos. These recommendations pop up on the side after they’ve watched a similar video.

All videos suggestions are made by YouTube’s ranking algorithm. So, there are a few things you can do to get your videos suggested to more potential viewers.

Increase your viewer engagement with a call-to-action at the end.

YouTube wants to suggest videos that it knows other viewers already enjoy. The algorithm measures viewer enjoyment through viewer engagement, so ending your videos with a call-to-action can do more than raise your like count.

Before you sign off, remind viewers to like your video and share it. You should also ask them to comment something specific, such as a personal story related to your video.

Focus on clickable titles and thumbnails.

More click-throughs will also boost your videos in the algorithm. Therefore, you should focus on writing titles that make viewers want to click on the video. Keep them short but shocking. Think about the kind of headline that would grab your attention from the magazine rack in the grocery store.

You should also concentrate on making super clickable thumbnails. Make them expressive and colorful without being overly complicated. The goal is to catch the viewer’s attention, so too many words or visual elements may have them skipping right over your thumbnail.

SWOOP does a great job of creating clickable titles and thumbnails. For example, the title and thumbnail of this video intrigue the viewer with different text. Therefore, no matter which one the viewer sees first, they’re likely to click on the video to find out what it means.

Use keywords that are common in your niche.

The algorithm finds similar videos through keywords. So, you should phrase your titles and descriptions like the majority of channels in your niche do.

Use keywords that viewers see often when watching videos similar to yours, such as “Let’s Play” for a gaming video or “tutorial” for a beauty video. If your video incorporates a buzzing new product or game, include the name of it in your title as well.

Link your videos to similar ones by creating playlists.

Finally, you can easily link your videos to similar ones by creating playlists. You don’t have to limit yourself to your own videos. YouTube allows you to create public playlists, so you can link your videos to ones from other creators you love or the videos that inspired you.

Playlists can help you get more views in general. Check out the video below to learn more.

Many of your new viewers find you through suggested videos. Use common keywords and playlists to link your videos to similar ones that are popular in your niche.

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