Everything You Should Know Before Hiring A Video Producer

As your channel grows, you may consider adding new members to your production team, including a video producer. A producer can help you plan and execute bigger and better video ideas. However, before you hire a video producer of your own, there are a few things you should know.

You still run the show.

Even though a producer may act as a boss in certain capacities, it’s important to remember that you are still in charge of your own channel. You call the shots, and you have final authority over any and all decisions made.

Overall, a producer’s purpose is to help you make videos of a higher production value. If anyone you’re working with tries to hijack control of your production, then they are not the right producer for you.

Consider what responsibilities you’re willing to let your producer take control of.

When you’re creating a video for your channel, you should remain in the director’s chair. However, you should also know exactly which responsibilities will shift to your producer’s shoulders.

For example, you may place your producer in charge of pre-production and post-production. If your video idea requires extra cast and crew members, your producer can take care of that as well. He or she can also location scout and collect any equipment or props you need.

Your video producer should help you make your video ideas come to life. However, he or she should also keep you in check with your budget and your time frame. A producer can help you make the best videos that fit your budget.

Your budget will impact the quality of your candidates.

Not only does your budget impact the creation of your videos, but it also impacts the kind of producer you’ll be able to hire. Based on your budget, you may decide to hire a producer based on hourly rates or a day rate instead of a base salary.

More experienced video producers may charge more. So, it may be in your best interest to hire a more experienced producer for a shorter amount of time than a newer producer with lower rates.

Make sure your candidates have reels and references.

Before you hire anyone, make sure they have a demo reel you can watch. These work samples will showcase their style and aesthetic as well as the quality of their work. If what you see in someone’s reel doesn’t match with the vision you have for your channel, then you may need to pass on that candidate.

Ensure that all of your potential producers come with strong references as well. Talk with people who have worked with them before, especially other vloggers. Ask about things you won’t see on someone’s resume. For example, you may ask what it was like working with them or how well they stayed on budget.

Start by working with freelancers on a few projects.

Now that you know what hiring a producer can do for your channel, start by working with freelancers. Hire an independent video producer to work with you on a small project or two. Think of this as the trial period before you commit a lot of time and money to that producer.

You may even consider working with several freelancers before asking one in particular to be your main video producer. Your ideal candidate is someone you can imagine yourself working with on long shoots for several days in a row.

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