How To Boost Your YouTube Views

YouTube can be incredibly strict about the kind of views that “count.” Whereas it used to freeze videos after 300 views and perform an audit, the legitimacy test for views is now a lot quicker and more seamless.

Here’s how you can boost your YouTube views and make sure that every click of the “play” button counts.

1. Keep your viewers interested for at least thirty seconds.

Any view under ten seconds isn’t counted. However, for some videos, only views that surpass the thirty-second mark may count. To play it safe, make sure that your viewers are invested for at least the first thirty seconds of your video by creating a fun yet important video introduction.

2. Watch your YouTube Analytics.

Every channel comes with its own set of analytics, which is more accurate than the public view counter. You can check your accurate view count in real time and see what kinds of viewers you’re reaching.

3. Be wary of YouTube glitches.

Just a few months ago, YouTube had a major glitch in which anywhere from hundreds to thousands of views seemed to disappear. However, the real issue was that the site had added views that weren’t real to dozens of videos across the site. A similar glitched unsubscribed users from channels that they didn’t want to be unsubscribed from.

In order to protect both your channel and your viewers from YouTube glitches, remind your subscribers to double-check that they’re still subscribed to your channel. Encourage them to turn on your channel notifications and share your video links online so that you can reach both your current viewers and new ones.

The best way to boost your views is to create videos that your audience wants to share. Be wary of YouTube glitches and focus on growing your subscriber base organically.

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