How To Get Views With Parodies And Impressions

Impressions and parodies have long been apart of a creator’s toolbox, but with this kind of humor seeing a new rise on the Internet, it is important to understand what makes these videos so popular.

Here’s why fans go crazy for them.

1. They give a new perspective on the stars.

Regardless of whether the video is positive or negative, impressions and parodies of famous artists are becoming increasingly popular. Seeing someone impersonate your favorite singer or movie star is not only enjoyable, but it also often peaks interests and draws more views.

Even though Alessia Cara is quickly becoming a well-known artist herself, her impression of other stars such as Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj quickly went viral, drawing in close to nine million views in less than a week.

Check out the impersonation below.

2. They provide quick bursts of comedic relief.

One of the best things about a great impression or parody video is its ability to make people laugh, even when tensions are high. The humor in the impression, either blatant or subtle, are enough to pull in a viewer and keep them laughing throughout the entire show.

With the controversy and tensions surrounding the recent US presidential election, Saturday Night Live has found a new level of success with their parodies of the new administration.

Watch one of their most recent videos here.

3. They give creators a way to work in some nostalgia.

Childhood flashbacks have been a proven fan favorite time and time again, and creators can take advantage of this knowledge by incorporating it with impressions.

Brian Hull has capitalized on his ability to change his voice by impersonating well-known Disney characters. The common adult-like nature of a parody offset by the innocence of content make the videos extremely popular and well-liked.

Check out one of his most watched videos here.

Impressions and parodies are a fun way to distract the audience, get them laughing, and engage them with your video. Incorporate these tips into your next video, and watch your view count soar.

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Kelsey Leaman is a senior at American University in Washington D.C. studying Economics and International Studies. She is passionate about writing, Lemonade, and Michelle Obama.

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