How To Get More Views On Your Older Videos

Getting a lot of views on a new video is great, but do you continue to promote your previous uploads as well? Even if you’re not actively sharing your older videos on social media, there are a few things you can do to promote them passively. When previous videos are easier for new viewers to find, you can earn more ad revenue without distracting yourself from creating new videos.

Here are a few ways to get more views on your older videos.

1. Add captions to all of your videos.

Did you know that adding captions to your videos can help you get up to eighty percent more views? Making your videos more accessible increases your potential audience by a lot! You can learn more about making your videos more accessible in this post.

Listen to Jessica Kellgren-Fozard explain the importance of captions in the video below.

2. Update your video descriptions to optimize them for SEO.

Though changing the title on an older video may confuse your subscribers, you can subtly change the video description to optimize it for SEO. By adding more keywords, you can help boost each video’s place in the search results.

This video will teach you more about optimizing your video descriptions for SEO.

3. Create playlists that link older videos to your latest uploads.

Playlists enable viewers to binge watch your videos without lifting a finger. Before uploading a new video, create a playlist of older videos that are similar to it. Then, when you post the new video, add it to the playlist and put the link in the video description.

Playlists help you get more views and increase your overall watch time.

No matter how long a video has been up, you can still earn money from it if it’s monetized. Follow these tips to get more views, and therefore more AdSense money, on your older videos.

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