How To Get 80 Percent More Views

Anything you can do to give your audience a more enjoyable viewing experience will increase the number of people watching. For many viewers, having captions or subtitles on a video makes it easier to understand and, therefore, more enjoyable to watch. In fact, adding captions can increase your views by as much as eighty percent!

Here’s how to get up to eighty percent more views by adding captions and subtitles to your videos.

1. Upload your own captions to boost your video’s SEO.

The great thing about captions is that they give the YouTube algorithm a much bigger place to search for keywords, which boosts your video’s ranking in the search results. You can easily add captions to any video from your Video Manager.

In this video, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard breaks down the three different ways to add captions to your videos.

2. Add subtitles in the other languages your viewers speak.

Some of your viewers probably don’t speak English as a first language or at all. In fact, the majority of people who watch YouTube videos come from outside the US. Adding subtitles in the languages spoken in the countries where you have a lot of viewers will make your videos easier for them to watch and share. It can also help attract more viewers who speak those languages.

If you don’t speak a second language, don’t worry. By turning on community contributions, you can invite your bilingual viewers to help translate your videos and add subtitles in their own languages. Share the video below to show them how they can help.

3. Be very descriptive when you talk.

Because YouTube doesn’t yet have a feature that allows you to add extra audio descriptions for your visually impaired viewers, strive to be as descriptive as possible when you talk. For example, if you’re filming a makeup tutorial, say the names of the products you use rather than just holding them up to the camera. Narrate your actions, and don’t go too quickly.

Research how people of varying abilities use technology so that you can come up with ways to make your videos more accessible to all of your viewers.

Not only do accessible videos get more views, but they also help you show your viewers how much you care about them. Add captions and subtitles and be more descriptive to make your videos more accessible for viewers all over the world.

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