3 Tools Every Professional Vlogger Needs

All it really takes to make a YouTube video is a good camera and an interesting idea. However, when making YouTube videos becomes your career, you may want to invest in a few more pieces of equipment to help make your videos better.

Here are three tools every professional vlogger needs.

1. Keep all of your video ideas in a journal.

You can get a journal almost anywhere. Choose one small enough to fit in your bag or your pocket. Carry it around so you can write down video ideas as they come to you.

You may already keep your video ideas in a note on your phone, but there are many benefits to writing them down by hand instead. Check out this video to find out more.

2. Improve your audio quality with an external mic.

On YouTube, audio quality is just as important as video quality. Most often, the microphone built into your camera won’t be enough. Adding an external mic to your filming setup will make your videos that much better.

You can find plenty of reviews of affordable mics and tutorials on how to use them.

3. Backup all of your video files on an external hard drive.

Many vloggers have faced the horrors of losing an SD card, running out of memory space, or finding that their files have been corrupted. If you lose your footage, you may have lost an entire week’s worth of work or more.

To prevent this from happening, purchase an external hard drive. As soon as you’re done recording, upload the footage from your SD card to your computer Then, back it up on your external hard drive. Keep your files organized so that you can easily locate any footage you need.

As a professional vlogger, you can improve the quality of your videos with a few simple tools. Keep track of your ideas, record quality audio, and backup your footage.

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