How To Foster A Strong Bond With Your Audience

Lots of people love to watch YouTube videos because it can feel like spending time with a good friend. Your status as a social media influencer puts you in a unique position to connect with your fans and followers on a more personal level. Increasing fan loyalty is good for both your view count and your happiness as a creator.

Here’s how to foster a strong bond with your audience.

1. Make an effort to involve them in your videos.

When it comes to content, listen to what your subscribers have to say. If they’ve been requesting a certain video for a while, make that video for them. If there’s a certain guest they love to see on your channel, then collaborate with that person more often.

Makeup artist James Charles got his viewers involved with one of his latest videos by letting them choose his makeup for the day through Twitter polls.

2. Connect with them on social media as much as you can.

For a fan, there’s nothing more exciting than getting attention from their favorite content creator on social media. They’ll love it if you reply to tweets, answer video comments, and open their Snapchats often.

You can take social media interaction a step further by sending DMs to especially active followers or even following them back.

Social media is how fans all over the world connect with each other. Get a little creative when it comes to involving yourself in the conversation.

3. Try to meet them outside of YouTube.

One of the best things about having an audience is getting to meet them. Many YouTubers plan tours, host meetups, or find other ways to hang out with their fans.

Conventions such as VidCon and Summer In The City are one of the best ways to meet your subscribers, but you don’t have to be a featured creator. Smaller creators like Olivia Cara often buy general admissions tickets and plan meetups of their own outside of the convention.

The bond you share with your audience is what keeps them coming back to your videos. When you foster that relationship, you’ll find yourself with fans who last a lifetime.

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