How To Gain Recognition As An Artist

Though you’re already getting your music out there by posting videos online, you can also gain recognition by performing live.

Whether you perform on the street, volunteer at local event, or formally audition, you can improve your chances of being recognized for your talent.

Read these three clever strategies to get your music noticed.

1. Street performing

In addition to uploading covers and original songs on YouTube, you can also promote your music by playing to the public on the streets. You can set up your equipment in a busy area where passersby won’t mind you playing music, and you can put up a poster board or pass out flyers with your name, social media, and YouTube channel.

People who are impressed with your skills will definitely share videos of you around their circle of friends, and if you’re lucky, you might get scouted, like Justin Beiber did.

2. Volunteering at local events

Many community fairs and charity events need musicians to perform. You can reach out to your local organizations and volunteer to perform for them; you will be doing something you love for a good cause. Many different people attend these events, so you’ll be performing in front of many more people than you would just playing on the streets. The event coordinator will also announce your name, and you will also have the opportunity to introduce yourself.

Famous singers also do this, as many of them came together to sing “Do They Know It’s Christmas” to raise awareness about AIDs.

3. Auditioning

The most common way for musicians to get signed is to audition, whether formally or informally. If you’re looking for a surefire way to encounter an agent or label representative, then you should definitely look for local auditions. You can try your skills at open auditions held by record labels and management companies, or you can even try televised auditions such as The X Factor and The Voice.

Another way is to informally audition by visiting a record label and asking to sing for the producers or agents, like Taylor Swift did.

Making your music known entails performing live for an audience. By consistently performing and trying the above tips, you’ll definitely increase your chances of having your talents recognized.

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