How To Create A Unique Brand For Your Channel

To attract potential subscribers and further lay out the aesthetics of your channel, you should stay consistent in your uploads and editing style. The following tips will help you brand your channel and make it unique to you.

1. Settle on the main focus of your channel.

Your subscribers like to watch your videos because they enjoy your message and your style of delivery. So, stay consistent in your uploads. Try not to overwhelm your channel with too many different things; you’ll veer off course and divert from your channel’s main focus. You may even lose subscribers because of this.

However, you can also experiment with different methods of delivering your message to make things more interesting. Just make sure that you have given your subscribers enough consistency so that they can easily summarize the main idea of your channel when they share your videos with friends.

Travel vlogger FunForLouis makes videos about one thing and one thing only: traveling. However, he keeps his subscribers interested by making several different styles of videos, such as daily vlogs, short films, and 360º videos. However, he never veers from his channel’s main idea. He has easily set himself apart as a travel vlogger and branded his channel accordingly.

2. Choose an appropriate watermark.

To literally “brand” your channel, YouTube allows you to add a watermark to all of your videos. (Go to YouTube > Creator Studio > Channel > Branding). When you upload an image of your choice, which should fit the theme of your channel, all of your YouTube videos will now have that small watermark on the bottom right corner. It is best if the image you choose is a transparent one, an icon with a transparent background.

YouTuber Casey Neistat has a simple transparent brand of his name written in a casual font on the corner of all his videos.

3. Create your own video thumbnails.

The aesthetics of a channel also leave an impression on new subscribers. Many YouTubers edit and create video thumbnails unique to their channel. For example, one channel’s videos may all have the title of the video in white font over the YouTuber’s face, or all the thumbnails will have the same filter on them. The layout of a channel should look put-together to add to your channel’s appeal.

Many YouTubers use the free website Picmonkey to edit their thumbnails.

4. Have an introduction and ending screen.

Introduce and end your videos with similar screens each time. Start with the title of the video and end with a clip of your upcoming videos! This will encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel and keep checking back for more.

Twin YouTubers Niki and Gabi use well-designed introduction and ending screens for each and every video.

It’s important to personalize your channel as a rising content creator. So, take these tips to brand your channel and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

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