How To Determine What Kind Of Videos You Should Be Making

Every content creator starts with an idea. However, it’s important to begin with the end in mind. By finding your channel’s main goal, you will enable yourself to create organized content that’s specific to what your subscribers want. Once you know why you’re making YouTube videos, then you’ll have a much stronger idea of what kinds of content you should be creating.

Follow these steps to find out what kind of videos you should be making.

1. Determine what kind of videos you make best.

Take a look at the different kinds of videos you post. For example, you may post daily vlogs, comedy sketches, beauty tutorials, and cover videos. That’s how twin YouTubers Niki and Gabi Demartino started out! However, as their popularity grew, the began to ask their viewers what kind of content they wanted to see more of.

Niki and Gabi realized that their most popular video were their comedy sketches. Unsurprisingly, this was the kind of content that they’d originally posted on their first channel, 00RemakeGirls.

Though they began their more popular channel, Niki and Gabi, as a beauty channel, the girls changed the kind of content they produced to better align with what their viewers wanted. Comedy videos became their main goal for this channel. To make sure that Niki and Gabi stayed a comedy channel, they created separate channels for vlogging.

Like Niki and Gabi, every YouTuber who has a multipurpose channel should determine what kind of video he makes best. See which of your videos are the most popular and ask your subscribers what they want more of.

Check out this comedy sketch from Niki and Gabi, which received over two million views in two days!

2. Know who your target audience is.

Who’s watching your videos? Better yet, as yourself who you’re making videos for. The kind of content you create should be geared towards the people who are most likely to watch it.

The girls at CharlisCraftyKitchen make recipe and craft tutorials for kids their own age. Because they know what kind of people they want to be watching their videos, they make content specifically designed with that audience in mind.

Many videos posted by CharliesCraftyKitchen are recipes inspired by Disney movies. This perfectly fits their target audience of young children who are interested in cooking. This channel wouldn’t post a video about baking the perfect souffle or cupcakes inspired by the latest slasher film.

When you make your videos, who are you talking to? If your audience was sitting right in front of you, what kind of people would be there? When you know who you’re making videos for, then you’ll be able to tweak your content to suit them.

Check out this adorable recipe from CharlisCraftyKitchen. It’s inspired by Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory!

3. Do what you love.

When it comes down to it, your YouTube channel is about sharing what you love with the world. Don’t make a certain type of video just because it’s popular or because you think it’s what viewers will want to see. Every video that you post should be something that you thoroughly enjoyed creating.

When the popular channel grav3yardgirl first began, it was a smorgasbord of everything from paranormal videos to Outfit Of The Day clips. However, as content creator Bunny got more into creating videos, she realized that what she had the most fun with was testing out unusual products.

The popularity of Bunny’s channel blew up with her video series “Does This Thing Really Work?”. Mixed with her unique personality, testing out “As Seen On TV” products became her forte. The series was so popular, in fact, that Bunny created a P.O. Box for fans to send in the products they wanted her to test out next!

Like Bunny, you should make the kind of videos that you most enjoy creating. If you’re not having fun with it, then none of your viewers will, either. Don’t be afraid to break the mold or try something out of the ordinary. You just might create the next video trend!

Check out one of grav3yardgirl’s most popular “Does This Thing Really Work?” videos!

With so many great content ideas out there, it can be hard to decide what kind of videos you should be making. However, if you determine what you’re best at, know your target audience, and do what you love, then you’ll know what the main goal of your channel is.

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